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Default Re: Baylor Bears on the Rise

Originally Posted by Snoop_Cat

Chalk me down as part of the Baylor bandwagon.. what Drew and his crew have been able to do as a program after the whole Baylor incident with the NCAA is incredible. The article also mentions that in addition to Isiah Austin (the number 2 prospect of 2012), they're garnering consideration from many other top prospects.

Can anyone describe Austin's game to me, from the sounds of the article, he sounds like another soft, shooting big man...

Well, based on his youtube vids and what I've been told by two of his AAU teammates, he is basically what u described. He thinks he's a guard, tries to face up on the wing and show his perimeter skill too much. He is a twig with virtually no athleticism, not explosive but super long (7 feet with a 7-5 wingspan) and he shoots with a high release point, kind of looks like KG's jumper. Sop he can get his shot off whenever he wants. Also a decent shot blocker due to his length, but he will need to add strength just to compete against high major schools.
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