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Default Re: Barack Obama's Healthcare Plan

Originally Posted by Sharas
1. that's the 18th century way of thinking. which has been disproven almost a century ago. ever heard of j.m. keynes? ever hear of great economical crisis in 1929? if that what you wrote was true, all economic regulation would be unneeded. all the economical boards, corporate legislation, consumer protection, ministries, councils, everything that connects state with economy, would be obsolete. which is obviously extremely far from the truth. take an economics textbook, you're just showcasing extreme ignorance here. true free market system is a myth that never existed in reality.

2. i beg your pardon? are you really serious by this? and how does this compare to above "survival of the fittest" passage? you just keep contradicting yourself.

What a sick attitude you have. I mean really? Is it so hard to realize that a society where everyone is responsible for themselves would be a better place for us all?

You really can't picture a community where nobody sits around whining for that handout because he/she accepted responsibility for themselves by providing for themselves?
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