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Default Re: Barack Obama's Healthcare Plan

Originally Posted by bada bing
thats the difference between a conservative and a liberal mindset though. Conservatives trust the people more. The mindset is to allow the citizens to make their own decisions. The liberals on teh other hand, have this notion that people are unable to make their own decisions and so the government must implement services for them to utilize.

If it wasn't for the conservatives killing people and making bone headed foreign policies, I would vote conservatives since I agree with their economic policies. But these conservatives are religious nutjobs. all of them, except Ron Paul.

dont think that "liberals" dont trust people to make their own decisions its just that liberals have a firmer grip on reality/ real life sitautions.

i got laid off after my company shut down 2 years ago and my better half was a couple of months pregnant, we lost our healthcare coverage. luckily i got a job pretty soon but if I hadnt what would we have done? ran up $30,000+ of unpaid medical bills and filed bankruptcy.

people will get healthcare one way or the other so why not give the middle class and working poor a realistic means of paying for it instead of sending them bills that they will never realistically be able to pay, which in turn probably costs healthcare providers and hospitals money which in turn causes healthcare costs to rise.
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