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Default Re: Euroleague 08/09 Draw

There really shouldn't be any French teams, but, as I have said in earlier posts, the country is too strong not to have anything, like Germany. Italians are ok, they used to be really good, they could lower the team number to 2 or 3. Spain has the right amount now, they are the strongest country in Europe basketball wise, national and club-wise. Group B in Euroleague is a lot like group C in Euro 2008, the group of death. Group C is the weakest, looks like it will be owned by Tau Cerámica. DKV will most likely be average, Rudy Fernández will be missed. Group D doesn't look that strong either, CSKA and Real, those 2 are almost sure to advance. Group A is ok, nothing spectacular, I would expect Olympiakos and Maccabi to advance.
The 2009-2010 season will be much different, there will be a different qualifying system, surely we will see Lietuvos Rytas back. I think at least 1 French and 1 German team will stay, and I see Italians going down to 2, thus opening 3 spots, 1 for Rytas, 1 for a russian club, and 1 more for possibly another russian club or someone new, maybe a team from Latvia, maybe one from Serbia or Croatia. We'll see, the system will be updated, as Bertameu said himself.
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