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Default Re: Serge Ibaka has reached agreement on a four-year contract extension

Originally Posted by b0bab0i
Javale Mcgee gettin paid more than Ibaka.
Javale McGee's contract is $44 Million for 4 years, so $11 Million a year.

Edit: damn u edited ur quote lol

I thought he might end up demanding $11-$13 million if he hit the market in the summer so, if it is for $10M or so a year, then it sounds like Presti worked his magic and got a pretty decent deal. Now the plus could mean it's something like a 4yr/$45M deal which would put it at about $11M a year, but still, that's about what I figured that might be the least Presti could get away with offering if he waited until the summer to match another team's offer.
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