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Default Re: Who should Pistons draft in 2013 NBA Draft?

Originally Posted by Aussie Dunker
What do people think about trey burks?....

I'm really liking what Trey Burks is doing right now. I think this Final Four will be very interesting with MCW playing against Burks. That's going to tell us a lot. Sure Syracuse plays a zone, but both of their guards are much taller and it'll be good to see how Burks handles the size difference. I think Burks has probably worked his way into the top 10. He may just be the best PG in college basketball. I'm not sure yet. Smart is the overall guy who I'd pick first. But Burks is really working his way in there. If we draft #5 I'd really consider Burks. I'm not sure what to do with Knight. I think Burks is a better pure PG and he definitely has more speed. His size concerns me, but a guy like Ty Lawson has done pretty good in the league so far. I really think PG is probably the most important position in the NBA now. Knight worries me as a long term solution as the Pistons keep trying to tell us he is. I'm telling you guys, that Calderon trade speaks volumes to me. Either Knight is the PG or take him off the court because he is just too small and he doesn't have the game of a Monta Ellis.... (and I wouldn't want Monta on my team either, lol, he's just too small for his position).

For your other post, yeah if we land at 5 any of those players is a solid pick. I'm just scared about Bennett at #5. He reminds me of a poor mans Derrick Williams. Williams is too small to play PF and too slow to play SF. In the right system he could be good at PF.... Since I don't see Bennett as good as him I don't see him being good in the NBA. He has bust writtten all over him to me. I'd really like to see us in the top 3. We need a chance at one of the better players in this draft.
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