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Default the ultimate ish otc funk/soul/jazz thread

so, there's a whole lot of talk about hip hop on this site. fair enough, it's pretty much the genre of our generation. however, i don't think there's enough discussion re: the music that inspired (and indeed was used as samples in) hip hop music.

this is the thread in which you post the illest oldskool jams you listen to.

i'll kick it off with:

RAMP (roy ayers musical project) - everybody loves the sunshine

donald byrd - wind parade (sampled by beatminers for black moon's 'buck em down')

funkadelic - maggot brain

johnny hammond - lost on 23rd street

idris muhammad - loran's dance

ahmad jamal - swahililand (used by jay dee for de la soul's 'stakes is high')

caesar frazier - sweet children (kanye jacked this)

marvin gaye - inner city blues

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