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Default Re: the ultimate ish otc funk/soul/jazz thread

Originally Posted by RainierBeachPoet
kizzle is ihs's expert soul/r&b man and will be glad to see this thread

some of my favs:

earth, wind and fire
the barkays
con funk shun
al green
stevie wonder
teddy pendergrass
frankie beverly and maze

great list there, rbp. some of my personal favourites also include parliament, al green, teddy pendergrass and earth, wind and fire.

some other nice cuts:

lou rawls - you've made me so very happy

deodato - super strut (nice wah wah)

al hirt - harlem hendoo (pimpest track ever... i want this as my personal theme music. you know, the track that comes on whenever you walk in a room)

curtis mayfield - give me your love

minnie riperton - inside my love

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