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Default Re: Stoudemire is already best power forward

Originally Posted by intrinsic
The final line in your post says enough. If Amare still needs to put it together, how could he be considered the best already? Anyone who watched Nowitzki in the playoffs wouldn't be so quick to discard him in favor of Amare as they are right now. Sure, I'll concede the point Silent Mav made about Amare's athleticism. However, that's just the point. Amare's game is predicated on his athleticism. Quite frankly, Amare's age is the best thing he has going for him in this discussion since it would be easy to give him the benefit of the doubt concerning "potential". Right now? Nowitzki is the better player.

No. Amare is a better big man than Dirk, simply because he scores his points closer to the basket. Seeing that there both similar in there impact on defense and on the boards this makes Amare much more valuable.
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