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Default Re: Jabari Parker still weighing college options

Originally Posted by kNicKz
kids think they're Lebron now gracing us with there decision. Just come out and say it when you've decided, until then play basketball and stfu

Parker has handled this way opposite than what you think if that's what you believe.

At the beginning of his recruitment him and his father said that they wouldn't be heavily involving themselves in the hoopla that is college basketball because, frankly, Parker can choose any school he wants.

he has said VERY little up until a month ago. he initially stated that he would wait until the NEXT signing period (after the HS season) but instead decided to announce early and get it out of the way.

i hate to say but you couldnt be more wrong about Parker, he is nothing like that. and these announcement press conferences have been going on for the almost 30 years now, he's not copying LeBron.
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