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Default Re: Jabari Parker still weighing college options

To MSU? lick_check=1

Someone jumped the gun or wrote up two different pieces (one to Duke and one to MSU) and accidentally hit the submit button.

Yep, wrote two stories and the MSU one was accidentally posted.

Joe Rexrode ‏@joerexrode
Apologies to all. Had to send early Parker stories because of wireless issue at school. Someone mistakenly posted early. No decision yet

lol, now some are saying Florida. What the ****

michaelsobrien: I have one source telling me that the decision is STILL up in the air. That it is going to be a last minute choice. Florida coming on strong
michaelsobrien: Gossip is that Jabari Parker is leaning to Florida and his parents want Duke. Haven't heard much MSU chatter the past few hours.

Still think it's between Duke and MSU and he's going to choose Duke.

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