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Default Re: OGT: March 10, 2013: Cleveland Cavaliers (21-41) @ Toronto Raptors (24-49) - 6PM EST

Originally Posted by chips93
i cant help but think that if the raptors had lost you guys would still be complaining, just about losing, rather than failed tanking.
If the Raptors lose and guys like John Lucas, Aaron Gray, and Alan Anderson play a ton of minutes then yes, and we would have every right to complain. It's pointless to give those kinds of players minutes simply based on experience in a futile attempt to still make the playoffs.

If the Raptors lose while trying to at least develop Valanciunas and Ross then no one should be complaining. What's sad is that those are basically the only two players I can name that you can legitimately attach the word "potential" to on this roster. And even then, I'm not a big fan of Ross' talent.
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