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Default Re: OGT: March 10, 2013: Cleveland Cavaliers (21-41) @ Toronto Raptors (24-49) - 6PM EST

Originally Posted by chips93
i cant help but think that if the raptors had lost you guys would still be complaining, just about losing, rather than failed tanking.
Why would I care about a 50 loss team losing? I cared a little about them winning right before the all star break when we looked like we had a playoff chance, but what's the point now? We're not going to make the playoffs at all so there's nothing to shoot for. I suppose since we're giving up our pick regardless it doesn't matter much, but the complaint is more of a culmination of what's transpired over the last decade than just this game. We have a couple of high potential players (Ross and Valancuinas) that will continue to be benched in favour of wins that won't mean anything, and for guys that probably suck more. The same way we kept Davis benched for 2 years, the same way we benched Derozan his whole rookie year in the 4th quarter, and the same way we'll continue to treat all our potential players - just so we can finish the season with 30 wins instead of 25, as if that's the big deal.
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