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I was going to start a thread like this too. It's really all we have to look forward to now, lol. Right now I'm really not impressed with this draft. There's only a couple of guys that even fit what we're doing. I've seen a ton of mock drafts and the more some people's stock is rising it could potentially leave the Pistons with an odd fit. There's actually mock drafts that have Cody Zeller falling to Detroit. While I find it hard for Zeller to fall that far, it could happen. That wouldn't really help us since we drafted Drummond.

The more I look at things, the more I realize we're really screwed at PG. With the way the rules are today you need to have a very good PG. Knight isn't going to get it done there. Calderon isn't good enough. I'm fine with Knight being a guy who plays 20+ minutes off the bench. He's not going to be a top player in this league though. He can be a key guy for a team, but he can't be the floor leader. He also can't be starting at SG. With that said, there's a couple PG's that I think fit on this roster. I really like Marcus Smart. He's big, strong, gets to the rim and makes plays for others. He's a little turnover prone and needs to work on his outside shot, but I think he's a potential game changer. He would really fit in on the Pistons. I also like Carter-Williams, though he has his weaknesses too.

For SG's McLemore is rated too high. He's being projected as one of the top two picks in the draft. He isn't good enough to be that high. He's not a guy who can carry a team. He'll be a decent NBA player, but he's not the next great SG. I like Shabazz to a certain extent. He could be a decent guard, although his lack of athleticism is a bit of a concern to me as is his attitude. He's still the only SG I would take in this draft for Detroit. The one that scares me the most is Victor Oladipo. There's mock drafts that have Detroit taking him. He is not what we need at all. While I love his hustle and defense, we really need someone who can score. We need a guy we can give the ball to when we need a bucket. Oladipo is definitely not that guy in the NBA.

At SF I really like what Otto Porter is doing. He's big enough and seems to be a pretty good player all around. I kind of like the idea of having a couple of Georgetown guys too. His stock has been moving up rapidly though. He might not land with Detroit anymore.

So the 4 guys I'm looking at right now are Marcus Smart, Otto Porter, Shabazz Muhammad, and Michael Carter-Williams. In that order too. Outside of that I just haven't seen good fits for Detroit. This draft is decent in terms of there's plenty of size (which we don't really need anymore) and there's good players. There's not going to be many (if any) all-star level players in this one though. This opinion could change after seeing what happens in the tournament, but that's what it appears to be now. Detroit really needs an all-star level player, especially since we currently don't have any and the only one who's close is Monroe.

What scares me is we have money and with another solid draft pick we might be mediocre. Next year is the draft that will be loaded with high potential big time players like Wiggins, Parker, Harrison, etc. That's the type of player we really need. I'd rather not go out and sign a free agent this year.
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