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Default Re: Put each Franchises all time best player on the current roster.

Originally Posted by Breezy
If your best player is still on you team (Duncan) you can just replace him with a prime version, or go second best player if you want (Robinson).

I don't know your teams as well as you do but here are some fun ideas.

Boston - Russel
Brooklyn - Dr. J
Knicks - Fraizer?
Sixers - Wilt
Raptors - Carter
Bulls - Jordan
Cavs- Lebron
Pistons - Isaiah
Pacers - Reggie
Bucks - Alcindor
Hawks - Nique
Bobcats/Hornets - Zo?
Heat - NA
Orlando - Shaq
Wizards - Unseld
Dallas - Prime Dirk
Houston - Hakeem.
Memphis - Pau?
Pelicans - Paul
Spurs - Prime Duncan
Nuggets - English?
Minnesota - KG
Blazers - Walton
Oklahoma City - NA (sorry I won't allow Seattle players)
Utah - Malone
Golden State - Does Wilt count?
Clippers - NA
Lakers - Magic
Pheonix - Barkley
Kings - Webber

Golden State - Rick Barry
L.A. Clippers - Bob McAdoo (from Buffalo Braves days)
Kings - Oscar Robertson
Trail Blazers - Clyde Drexler (more healthy seasons than Walton)
Oklahoma City - Kevin Durant
Pelicans/Hornets - Alonzo Mourning
Heat - Dwayne Wade

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