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Default Re: Could you beat the greatest female UFC fighter?

Originally Posted by stalkerforlife
I would love to get in a ring with you to see if you kept that same energy.

Meh. Beating me wouldn't mean anything. You have 5 inches, and like... 60 or more pounds on me. That would be like me fighting a guy 5'4" at 110 lbs. The only way I'm beating a dude your size is if he's a COMPLETE bitch.

I am no coward, but I am the kind of guy who accepts things at face value. A lot of guys my size are delusional Napoleon types who say shit like "It ain't the size of the dog in the fight..." and it's sad. Physics and biology don't care.

I just doubt you're all that tough. You're flabby and awkward. That doesn't mean I think I could beat you I'm too small.
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