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Default Some silly anger at Nate Robinson for praising OKC fans

During last week's Twitter controversy in which Nate Robinson wrote that the fans of his current team, the Sonics-napping Oklahoma City Thunder, "are the best on the planet" Seattle's heartache turned absurd. That old inferiority complex resurfaced, and suddenly a 140-character, company-line comment meant more than a lifetime of deep affinity. Even worse, while expressing its anger toward a home-bred hoops luminary, Seattle was once again looking at Oklahoma City, treating it as a peer inadvertently and yelling for the world to see our pain and to please, please, please tell us that we're better than the small market that took the NBA away from here. It's pathetic, really. And it should be beneath Seattle. It's not surprising that a crew of fans barked at Robinson for his tone-deaf remark. Fans are grieving, and anger is a part of that process. Most of the time, they shouldn't have to apologize or get over it, either. But the misdirected and pointless vilification of harmless people who are making the best of this situation needs to stop.

-- Seattle Times
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