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Default Re: Dwight buys Los Angeles home for 20 million...

Originally Posted by hj01850
Is Dwight Howard worth the 20 million? I'm a Boston Celtic fan who only fear Dwight Howard's elbows. Dwight Howard's elbows is a weapon but it's not basketball... I can not be leave that basketball knowledgeable fans in LA are comfortable with his acquisition ? To tell you guys the truth , the Boston Celtics fear the 76er's aqusition of Andrew Bynum a whole lot more. Dwight Howard is a 7" western devision thug , Andrew Bynum is a 7" eastern devision center...Dwight Howard is going to live it up on the Lakers tab. A fool and his money is soon parted. Go Celtics !
Hey that's part of the game, a 7', 20/10 guy who's now primary an enforcer? I'll take that any day of the week. Let's not forget there are certain players (mostly NHL and NFL) who have gone into the hall of fame being enforcers their entire career. What type of players were Charles Oakley and Horace Grant? Why do you think Jordan wasn't injured every type down the court in Chicago? And then Ewing in NYC?

You can say the same thing about Kevin Garnett.

I can't stand Celtic fans.. smh
I think ISH should make it so they couldn't come in here

Are you kidding Garnett would never throw fisticuffs for anybody on his team. He would run around acting like he wanted to fight but could never see him throwing elbows (much less taking one) for his team... he is more a vocal leader.
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