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Default Re: NBA 2K12: My Player Mode

So I borrowed the game from a friend and I made an athletic center. I was supposed to be drafted by Phoenix (11th), but I made such bad interview impressions that I dropped to the Nuggets. Time for me to bring the chip to the band of great role players.

I've only have been playing 5 minute quarters so my stats are pretty crappy. I'm getting close to starting minutes now (estimated to be 30 mpg) and I'm gunning for McGee's starting spot. Been doing the pick and roll drill to get my speed/quickness up. The drill is pretty broken in a good way.

I like the improved rotation recognition that was overly frustrating last year. Don't like how the CPU freezes your player once a foul is called. Seen my player try to score, but hit the bottom of the backboard. Hopefully it's not as bad as last year's under the basket problem.
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