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Default Re: How bad are the Pistons?

Horrible might be an understatement, but some of that is due to coaching. They deserved to win tonight, though. OKC played like shit for three quarters, got severely out-hustled and out-worked, and flatout got outplayed, and were down 11 to start the fourth quarter.

I guess this speaks to how bad Detroit is, though. When OKC actually started to really try, they erased the 11 point deficit and had a two point lead less than four minutes into the fourth quarter. Yes, they might've gotten some help from the refs, but they were forcing the issue on offense by being aggressive and attacking the basket.

But yeah, outside of Monroe, Drummond, and maybe (?) Knight...they're all kinds of awful. The Bobcats didn't have anyone as good as Monroe last year, but the rest of the Pistons roster really doesn't look better than the 2011-2012 Bobcats roster. Wouldn't surprise me if they only won 15-20 games.
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