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Default Re: How bad are the Pistons?

Originally Posted by KG215
This too. They've had a brutal schedule to start the season, so they may not be as bad as their record indicates. Still, I can't see them being much better than a 25ish win team, and that's probably best case scenario. It will depend on Drummond's PT and development, but Monroe is already really good. Knight has kind of been a disappointment so far, though.

Rest of their roster looks like a lot of garbage on paper, though Maxiell is a nice hardworking energy player.

I also thought that had some of our shots went in the fourth (Some of those shots just wouldn't go in, no matter how well they were set up), we might've won it. Knight's been disappointing this season but I'm trying to keep in mind that this is his first full season.

I thought Drummond gave you guys problems when he came on. He sure did the other night.

But yeah, the schedule's been a big factor. This was our 2nd home game FFS.
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