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Default Re: drew gooden to the spurs

Any player that joins the Spurs - must fit the Spurs , not the Spurs fitting to the player.

That being said - any big players along side Duncan who is on the Strong Side, plays the weak side.
That means any big playing the weak side, gets weak side rebounds defensively as well as offensively.
Back door passes from Duncan - for dunks.
Must be able to block shots or at least contest them.
And lastly out let pass, or if trapped get it out to a wing.

This is not complicated basketball. That is why $1-2million dollar contracts can play along side Duncan as well as aging vets. Many weaknesses can be covered up by Duncan.
When playing off the bench and Duncan isn't playing a more active rotation of ball movement occurs with Parker and Ginobli.
(just don't get in their way - stay in a open spot !)
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