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Default Re: Who should Pistons draft in 2013 NBA Draft?

Well, even though it's a draft thread we've been off topic for a bit and it would likely just be us in this thread to respond if we make a new one anyhow.... It looks like the Pistons won't be getting Iggy. The Kings offered him a huge contract. I'm sure Detroit isn't going to try to top that.

The latest rumor is Detroit wants to trade for Rudy Gay. They'd be sending the expiring contracts of Stuckey and CV to the Raptors. I actually think he would be a much better fit than Igoudala or Smith anyhow. He's expensive but it's a much shorter contract. I often wondered why the Pistons let Toronto get him instead of making the trade for him themselves earlier this season. I actually find it a bit odd that Toronto would let him go already. They have some really good young players. Anyway around it, I would gladly take him.

PG- Knight
SF- Gay
PF- Monroe
C- Drummond

That's enough to get higher than an 8 seed into the playoffs as long as KCP can provide what we hope at SG. That's a lineup that would give us much better outside shooting and it would be one that could get up and down the floor fast. Hopefully we could resign Bynum to be a backup PG. There's teams showing interest in him. Singler could play the 2 or 3. There's always English who could be used if someone got hurt too. I wouldn't mind bringing back Daye if that trade went down too. He could play SF or be the stretch 4 that we would need.
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