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Default Re: What's Worse - Redneck Whites, Loud Blacks or Dirty Mexicans?

Originally Posted by Wizardly Cool
The feeling is mutual. Eskimos live only in remote areas of the vast frozen tundra because they hate all other races.

Ever see a black eskimo? Hellllllll no. Have you ever seen a redneck ass eskimo spitting tobacco and talking about burning crosses in front of igloos of the black eskimos? I think not.

I envy the eskimo civilization, simply because they stick to their own kind, and own kind only. It works for them. I think I'd go crazy if I was around nothing but white people. If I was black, I'd feel the same way. Just let me be an eskimo!

Here's some more...


I hate the skateboard emo white kids who act like they're "special" and no one understands them, because they've had such a hard life of wealthy parents and private schools. They don't want to play golf and have Tupperware parties like their parents, so instead they want to cut their wrists and have cult-like friends who preach to the world there's no God just to be different.

I hate fat white chicks who smoke and blame their obesity on birth control pills.

I hate old white people who are scared to death everyone in the world is out to take their life savings and break into their home and beat them with a baseball bat simply from watching the local nightly news.


I hate the highly uneducated 21 year old black male equipped with a ton of confidence because he's "flippin'" a couple hundred bucks a week slangin' sh*tty ass dimes, living at home with his grandparents, smokin' L's with his boyz in the basement, crusin' downtown in an 88 Buick about to fall apart with rims the size of his IQ.

On the flipside, I hate the somewhat educated 35 - 45 year old black man making an average salary out to eat dinner with his family at Applebee’s like they're royalty because it's better than McDonalds. They get their food, and ummm the meat is overcooked. Something is wrong with the Coke, taste too watered down. The baked potato is getting cold 30 minutes later. "Where's your manager!" the big bad black man demands! I'm seeing this more and more often, and it pisses me off. It was bad enough when white people did it, now blacks have to, too.

I hate black girls who get pissed off because more black men date white women. Believe me, there's a reason (take your pick).

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