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Default Re: Slow it down? Point guard question

Originally Posted by Jyap9675
Thanks Rake, sometimes when I drive.. it does lead to forced shots and turnovers but this does not really happen a lot. Although, I am going to take that "Controlled aggressiveness" tip when driving inside.

Anyway, say I am bringing the ball up and I know I can beat my man.. should I still pass the ball since it is way too early to just drive and dish or just shoot? Sometimes I think I am way too much of a team player, and I should be more aggressive and take the shots.

How bout if I set my mindset flow chart be like this :

1. Look for pass
2. Noone of my team-mates I can pass to in their right positions where they are effective
3. Drive/Shoot instead which could also turn into drive and dish?

Is this the right mindset?
I suppose everyone's different but my mindset flow chart varies greatly from the one you posted. My mindset is to keep the game of basketball as simple as possible. That means, if I can score, I'm going to score. I will continue to do that until someone decides not to let me score any longer. It may sound like over-simplification (and it kind of is) but that's the general premise of it all.

Early on in my high school career, I used to have similar mentality issues that you've mentioned. I always used to wonder when it was and when it wasn't the right time to pass. For instance, on a fast break, I thought I'd have to pass at some point no matter what. But through watching a young Jason Kidd-like teammate play, I realized it was all a matter of making the easiest play possible. If he could drive and score, he'd drive and score every time. The minute he began to draw defensive help, he'd find the open man.

With all that said, I suppose things are indeed different for a point guard. Still, I don't think passing just for the sake of passing is doing much of anything (not that that's what you're doing). If you know for a fact you can beat your man and create havoc, I feel like that'd create better scoring opportunities than merely passing the ball to the wing (or something to that effect).

I still believe in your pushing of the pace though. As I mentioned before, I'm a big believer in making my teammates play to my pace as opposed to me playing to theirs (assuming their pace is slower). If I get the feeling they're all busting their tails and clearly just need a moment to catch their breath then it's understandable as to why one may want to slow the pace. However, if it's just a matter of teammates not really feeling like running the floor, then I'll force their hand.
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