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Default Re: Hawthorne Police Arrest Photographer and Kill His Dog (NSFW)

Originally Posted by sommervilleCdn some of you, really believe. that Just putting "one" bullet in the dogs ass will defuse the situation?, that sound like" monday morning quarterbacking to me". And what if that made the dog only angrier??

are you the world's biggest pussy? it's one dog. kick it, punch it, baton it, taze it, try to soothe it with your voice and body language like a normal human being? there's a thousand things you can do to keep ONE dog off three grown men other than shooting it four times. You think dude in handcuffs is going to say "sic em boy!"? And you're the one talking about a lack of common sense.

Originally Posted by sommervilleCdn
And why would the police have the owner, to settle down his dog. -History tells us the police have no reason to trust dood.

history tells us that? or the police did in their attempt to rationalize the actions taken by officer **** face? they have no reason to trust him to secure his dog before he's taken to jail? you really think those officers thought he was somehow a threat to them in that situation? you have to be ****ing shitting me

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