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Default Re: Draft Day Trades

Just making stuff up, but could the Kings send Bibby to the Hawks? Bibby isn't the perfect PG, but if Smith, Childress, and the Williams' step up, that could be a playoff team.

But I think this year has the potential to be another good trade year. Gasol requested a trade and it may be possible they look to start over and pick up another pick or something for him. Jerry West is very good at scouting young players and he didn't like any offers during the year, but he could fall in love with a pick later in the draft.

Pierce has been rumored in the past. Ainge has said they won't trade him and Pierce wants to stay in Boston, but if they pick another young guy, could he just say screw it, and demand a trade to a team that will win now? You look at some of the guys out there, though, and if they don't pick up a Gasol, Marion, Jermaine O'Neal (another guy that could be on the move with the Pacers going nowhere fast), or Brad Miller (Kings baggage, but still not a better center) in a trade, I think Pierce will wonder about the near future and how many years he has left.

I also think a few "bad guys" may be unloaded as well. Randolph and Artest are the obvious two. I think both teams want to get rid of them. Miles as well, but he is coming off an injury, and played very well before getting hurt, and may not be easy to move.

The sign and trade possibilities for Rashard Lewis may happen on draft night as well, and just not finalized until they can be.

Some teams may see themselves as being one vet away from making the playoffs as well. Maybe Charlotte doesn't feel drafting a couple more players would help them as much as adding a vet. New Orleans is another team that may feel that way.

I also think the fact that there are so many players grouped so close together (similar to last year) and the fact that where the teams are picking doesn't seem to follow the prospect rankings (similar to last year) could make for some trades.

And of course the big possibility that could get every rolling is a KG trade. Perhaps they trade him to a contender for young players, or perhaps they trade some young players for vets so he can finally contend.
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