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Default Re: Draft Day Trades

i wouldnt put it beyond them, though raymond felton is gettin to be pretty darn is still in pretty good rebuilding shape, though i wont go as far as to say they will be good with whoever they get (still gonna be some quality players at #5) but jefferson and perkins should get better, i dont see pierce getting worse for a while and their guard situation isnt bad either, so one or two pieces could help them out quite a bit, i dunno if i see pierce moving this offseason...

how likely is it that marion will be shopped, especially now that phx doesnt get atl's pick?

artest is DEFINITELY on the market, but who is willing (*cough* knicks) to take him?

are there teams that should absolutely look to move their pick up or just take what they can get from the draft at the lower picks?
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