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Default Re: 6th Man off the Bench

I was fortunate enough to grow up and play in areas that allowed me to be a starter for 97% of my basketball career, but the few times I came off the bench (five games my sophomore year, when adding late to a few rec. league teams), I actually kind of liked it.

On one hand, I didn't like it because it meant I wasn't starting and from a pride standpoint it hurt. But basketball-wise, if the overall playing time was still ample, coming off the bench made me feel like I was bringing a jolt of energy to the hardwood, as other players were likely beginning to become fatigued. Also, with the confidence of believing I was a starter-quality player, I often felt I'd be able to feast on folks, as I felt I'd be seeing at least a portion of a team's second unit.

In hindsight, I wonder if coming off the bench would have been good for my game energy in the long run. When starting, I sometimes struggled to really get my body up and going. Clearly psychological, but interesting to ponder.

When starting, I think I used to let myself mentally get lost in the shuffle sometimes, thinking, "Alright, the top 10 basketball players are all right here at the same time. I wonder how good everyone is." But again, coming off the bench, I sort of felt like a secret weapon, thinking, "They probably think I'm just a random guy coming off the bench, but it's about to get realer than they thought."

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