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Default Re: What more should LeBron have done in the 2015, 2017, 2018 Finals?

2015: Curry struggled for a game or two but Lebron's defence and shot fell off a cliff in the games they lost, especially when Iggy guarded him. Like a poster said already, maybe he should have shot better than 25% outside of 3 feet against a roleplayer?

2017: Defense.

2018: Defense.

Lebron does not play defense anymore. At all. And even more so when KD has the ball. He flat-out refuses to guard him. Meanwhile KD has blocked him on several occasions already.

Kevin Love damn near had a conniption when Durant made a fade-away shot over him in Game 3. Held his head in his hands and almost burst into tears on the court. Lebron then decided to let Rodney Hood guard him instead?

Anyone that says that Lebron couldn't have done more in those Finals are fooling themselves. Everyone could have done better, in series that players have won they could have done more and played better.
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