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Default Re: 'Now they see us' on Netflix - one of the best shows

Originally Posted by NumberSix
If you look at the evidence of this case, itís clear that these guys were obviously guilty. The one guy whose DNA they actually had decided to say it was only him. Typical ďdonít snitchĒ shit.

These guys were in the park that night attacking people. They beat the shit out of the female jogger and held her down and groped her while their friend raped her. They knew details about the attack that only the people involved would have known and they confessed and some of them even snitched. The jury that saw the case convicted them due to them clearly being guilty.

Anybody who thinks these guys were innocent didnít look at the case at all.

Having read, watched and listened to evidence from both sides, as well as accounts from the prosecutors, police officers, judges, the five, their parents, their lawyers and others who were invested in the case, it's quite obvious that the Central Park Five did not beat, drag and rape Trisha Meili in April of 1989. It's also obvious that their confessions were false and coerced. Not only were their accounts wildly divergent, but they all placed themselves in a completely different area of central park from where Meili was assaulted.

The individual who confessed to the attack knew details of the attack and scene that he should not have been aware of, the drag pattern and footprints at the scene indicate that there was only one attacker, and investigators were able to find DNA on the victim at the scene that matched only one person... the attacker.

Lastly, the attacker confessed well after 4 of the 5 kids were released from prison, and confessed before he was identified. It was only until after he confessed (which apparently was a multi-tiered process in itself) that his DNA was compared to the case. The truth of the matter is that he had gone on to commit several more rapes and even a murder after his attack on Trisha Meili until he was caught in August of 1989. His MO during his other attacks mirrored his attack on Trisha Meili.
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