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Default Re: Whatever happened to the OG's?

Originally Posted by MJ(Mean John)
Ahhhh. Good ol QRich. I remember ya mate. Lol. Good to see you. I’ve always valued your input, always fair and objective.

Except when it comes to his best friend & savior Donald J Trump. Say anything negative about Trump and qrich blows a gasket

Originally Posted by MJ(Mean John)
Lmao wait, wasn’t DKLaker a super confrontational guy? Haha. I rmener there was a guy on here that would always get into arguments and always lied or made up stories about knowing guys on the team and then asking him for tips and stuff. Lol

Yeah, he was confrontational and he was pretty cynical too as older people tend to get. But he seemed to have seen a lot of Lakers games over the decades. He seemed okay to me tbh.. Don't think I had many arguments with him.
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