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Default Re: Is Davis better than Wade & Kyrie?

Better than both. Wade didn't make it past the first round without Shaq until like 2016(?)

It is a very small sample size, but Davis in 13 Playoff games (age 21, 24) is averaging 31/13 with about 2 stl 3 blk on 59%TS.

If you look at him in the 2018 Playoffs, he swept the Blazers and took a game from the Warriors, had a double-double in every single Playoff game and only had like one bad game shooting. Imagine if he was drafted to a good organization and competed in the Playoffs every year.. no team has been able to shut him down so far and the only big man who really could (Embiid) is playing out East.

There's no weakness to his game in this era. He can do it all.
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