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Default Re: LaMelo Ball heading downunder

Originally Posted by DeRozan m8
You just gonna pull an ISH classic and omit the fact that 3 first rounders were given too?

The first one is this years #4 pick. The top 3 are pretty consensus this year, 4 who do you pick??

With the lakers track record of drafting lately, I definitely take Davis (top 5 player in the league) over two future what ifs..

If it doesn't work with bran, once he leaves then AD is the face of the Lakers.

This is the best news we've have in the last 6 years, actually it's been shit since the day Kobe tore his Achilles. The haters can cry all they want, go be a pelicans fan then, enjoy watching lolzo be injured all the time and ydk strolling around like a zombie for 90% of the season..
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