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Default Re: Is Davis better than Wade & Kyrie?

Originally Posted by ImKobe
But Kobe wasn't playing the Atlanta Hawks in the first round. Wade got swept in the first round (by the Deng/Gordon Bulls no less) as a defending champ.

Love Wade, but I think AD is just better. Lebron only really had 1 year of peak/prime Wade, AD is only 26 and will probably give him at least two years of elite play at like 28/12 with ~3 blocks.
AD is a monster no doubt, and I wouldnít be surprised if we revisit this thread in 3 years AD overtakes Wade, but having an fmvp where u put up a great individual performance brings a lot of cache... as it should.

Davisís playoff sample size is too small for me to just crown him over a proven leader like Dwyane Wade right now. And even with the fmvp and along with it, admittedly, a little bit of benefit of the doubt I still only have him a barely over AD.

Also, Iím not sure if the part of Lebron having only 1 year of prime Wade was meant to be an argument for this thread or if youíre just pointing it out, question is who is the best player Lebronís ever played with.
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