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Default Re: A Game of Thrones

Originally Posted by Thorpesaurous
Yeah, great job with Margery Terrell.

I really liked it last night. I thought they handled the Imp's red herring plot exceptionally well. It was also split up in a nice fashion. Less bouncing around, and more of four distinct parts. Jon Snow. Renly/Cat. Imp. Arya. Nothing from Dany. It works best when they focus on different stuff episode to episode, rather than trying to move the entire story forward in a single episode, which means you get trimmed down sections on everything that wind up making less sense.

The way they depicted Margery was surprising to me. You can tell from the books that she has a certain conniving nature but it's way more subtle. Same with the Renly-Loras relationship. It's hinted at but nothing as graphic as what was shown last night. Still I like the way HBO is handling it, only more naked Margery and less gay make-out scenes please.
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