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Originally Posted by Ballings10
I'd like to see a defensive/athletic big like Hilton Armstrong/Alexander Johnson. I like Sene a lot, but don't think we'd draft him with guards still available. Or, a spark/combo guard like Shannon Brown/Mike Gansey/Guillermo Diaz/Quincy Douby. I like a ton of the swingmen in the draft, despite us having 3 young ones already, and one of them or a spark guard would be a BPA-pick; Shawne Williams/Mo Ager/Mardy Collins/Thabo Sefolosha. I assume if we drafted another swingman we'd trade one of Garcia/Monia to make room for the new guy, or use one of the 3 or 4 as a trade piece.

Wouldn't prefer it or quite get it, but for PGs, I like Rondo/Lowry/Blalock. Don't like Ser-Rod, in general he's intriguing and fun looking, but not really a fit for the team.

So, basically anyone like that above but a PG.
I agree with you pretty much, but if i had 1 player to pick in the draft at the 19th pick who is available i would draft hilton armstrong.
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