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Default Things you see in the NBA, try it in real life, with disastrous consequences

For me it was Lebron's chase-down block. Full-court pick up game, there is a fast break for the other team. I'm chasing the guy down. Now, I could have sprinted as fast as I could and gotten in front of the guy and play normal defence. But no, I just had to be Lebron James. I purposefully slow down, and just as he goes up for the layup, I time my jump for the massive block.

Enormous flagrant foul, and 1. All player, no ball. If I could jump half a foot higher, I would've scraped the ball with my finger tips. The guy phucks up his knee, and is visibly angry. "What the phuck, you trying to kill me man?" Goes without saying, from then on I never tried to be an NBA player again.

What are your stories?
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