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Originally Posted by bmulls
Do not do this.

I repeat DO NOT DO THIS.

I tried it once, was at my ex-gfs apartment and she had some in her shower. I put that shit all over my nuts/weiner, let it sit for 5 minutes. I could feel it burning but I thought that's what it was supposed to do. Scraped it off and my balls were ****ing OU Sooners red.

They were like that for a week at least, and of course I had to explain it to her. Luckily she just laughed but still very embarrassing and very painful.
Yeah, like nine years ago I was at a girl's house and decided to try it on my chest just for the hell of it. Because I'm a moron, I never actually stopped to think twice about the chemical makeup of a product that supposedly removes hair without any sort of shaving.

I had a hard time believing it'd actually work so I left it on for about twice as long as normal. And, like you, when I finally used a washcloth to remove it, it felt like a severe burn situation. Every single one of my pores became extremely red and for the next week or so I had a hard time doing much of anything. The following day was the 4th of July and I think I spent much of it laying still in my bed. I could only wear blank t-shirts for a few days because my chest would otherwise be pained by the weight of graphics on the shirt itself. It was not a fun situation.

Therefore, even though I used it like an idiot, I ultimately decided Nair was a product I best avoid for the rest of my time.
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