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Default Re: Are We About to Embark on a Golden Era for Canadian Players?

Originally Posted by chips93
thompson cant play the 5, and the odds of wiggins and bennet both basically maxing out thier respective potentials is pretty low.

they could be a solid international team 5 years down the road, but they wont be able to compete with team usa.

First of all he can, Lamar Odom played 5 for long stretches for team USA for crisesake, the international game is not the NBA game. Secondly, the team will be sick with length anyways so your argument is moot.

Originally Posted by kNicKz
because every espn #1 has went on to dominate basketball

They will be loads better than they are now, but won't touch team USA.

Saying they will improve a ton is a good prediction, hyping up gold is comical

No not all #1 prospects pan out, but there haven't been too many players with this much potential at this age who weren't American. Canada has arguably the best college freshman and the for sure best high school senior playing now (best prospect of the last decade) so dismissing them like the are the second coming of Kwame Brown is well off the mark.

Also, the country will be in a position in the future where they are cutting contributing NBA talent in numbers from their national team. Has this ever happen before outside of the USA? I do realize that people like Darko have been cut from their respective national squads, and NBA players have been cut in the past (even Canada has cut both Rick Fox and Sam Dalembert previously) but has a country ever put 12 NBA regulars on the floor and left some at home? Only the US.

These facts alone mean that Canada will be a contender, and the US has lost before, to a lot of different teams, and your 1992 concept of invincibility died after the 2000 Olympics.

The depth and talent of the USA will always dwarf the rest of the world in basketball, but the beauty is you only need 5 guys, and if Canada gets the right five guys in the mix (and these guys have played together a lot more and a lot more familiar with each other than some of the last minute strung together all star squads the USA puts out), they will be contending, to think otherwise is to hate.
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