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Default Re: We'll win this series...

Originally Posted by Clutch
You guys have a point. I'll try to stop being so negative. This forum is basically a way for me to vent. And niko,I enjoy every time the Knicks win. The more I worry about the game the happier I am when they win. It does kill my nerves but the best games are the ones when the Knicks win in a heartbreaker.

What really pisses me off is Rameek accusing me of copying the words of some analyst. Why would I do that ? That's disrespectful from him because it means "you don't know shit about basketball so you need to copy some analyst words".I'm here to post my thoughts and discuss about the Knicks. If you disagree with my thoughts then fine. But if you're going to attack me personally at least get your facts straight. I don't watch Sportscenter or any other show. I don't even watch halftime shows. Also you don't have to be a genius to realize that many of double teams were unnecessary and Pacers got wide open looks from it.

Rameek I never really liked you but I respected you. Not anymore. I can't respect someone who attacks someone personally just because he disagrees with what he said.
It takes all kinds of people to be fans. I dont worry about the liking or respecting portion. I thought you "were" a true fan. Regardless of how negative we all can be at times. You just showed with your own words how the definition of a fan can be taken differently. I wanted you to check yourself and understand how fake and fraudulent you look by what you post in anger, in frustration.

Whether you copy someones elses words or not I see it all the time but your willingness to write off the Knicks was the ultimate disrespect to the Knicks forum as you are a regular and valuable contributor.
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