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Default Re: Knicks at Raptors

Originally Posted by Amigo
I'm tired of this team. Injuries have finally caught up with them. Fatigue was a big factor for Starbury. The guy was out of gas at the end of the game. Nobody else stepped up to help either. Nate made a few shots but he was as erratic as Francis bringing the ball down. No Lee means that we won't make the playoffs. Q leaving really hurt too. Crawford not being there was the excuse Frazier gave for Curry not being comfortable with the passes he was getting. Spare my the B.S. I'm tired. I can only shovel so much.

enough with the injuries, all teams have them and i dont hear them complaining, the heat dont have wade and there playing like a house on fire, the nets dont have rj and kristic, all teams get them.
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