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Default Re: Peyton Manning has to be on HGH

Originally Posted by GOBB
How do you even know none of the Patriots current/past weren't on HGH? You don't, so I'd tread carefully before talkin smack about someone busted for HGH.

Of course Patriots players have used PEDs. Probably almost every NBA, MLB, NFL player, etc. has.

People that think otherwise are complete freaking dumb asses.

The point being made is that ESPN only cares to make up fake stories about Brady "cheating" (deflategate), and cares ZERO about the mention of PEDs as it related to certain "golden boys" they like to promote (LeBron, Manning, etc.).

But, you know damn well if Brady's name comes up with PEDs, ESPN will spend YEARS talking about it.

ESPN is entirely run at production level from big New York media, and they are a seriously manipulative and dirty propaganda company.

Look how they crucified Armstrong, Rodriguez, Bonds, Sosa, Palmiero, McGwire, Clemens, and then just basically ignored or swept under the rug, or even covered up clear PED use of numerous other sports stars.

Like how they did not even touch the Wade and LeBron connection to a huge steroid scandal.

ESPN is absolutely ridiculous in the amount of social programming it does. It's at the same level as other television programming like Fox "News", CNN, MSNBC and crap like that.

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