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Default Dallas Trade Idea

We send Raef LaFrentz, Channing Frye, Jarrett Jack and the #13 pick for Jason Terry and Jerry Stackhouse.

The Mavericks have no first round pick and Mark Cuban recently stated that he is searching for ways to trade into the first round.

This not only give him a first round pick, but a solid PG defender to play behind the aging Jason Kidd.

I'd like to see Terry and Roy playing alongside each other......Stackhouse could either provide us with a veteran presence in a backup role or he could be bought out.

Frye gives them another big, which they were missing in the playoffs and if I'm not mistaken, it was Dallas who originally gave LaFrentz the ludicrous contract he now has (I'll have to look that up) - it would be ironic/fitting to see him land back in Dallas.

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