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Default Re: Landry Fields to Start for Knicks....

Originally Posted by Rameek
I guess desperate times call for desperate measures! Welcome to the starting line up and another vacuum position on the court. I hope he works out and Amare doesnt demand a trade soon from no help!

Chandler is a 4 dont see what skills he possess to be a 3. Maybe he will take the time to improve now. I dont see how a guy that has no confidence in his ability as a starter going to find confidence leading the offense on the 2nd unit.

Chandler is a 3, although D'antoni wants him to be like Marion.
Normally a small forward is your most versatile player.

That fits Chandler to a T.

Also from a defensive standpoint small forwards are often counted on using their athleticism and size as defensive advantages.

That also fits Chandler.

Chandler isn't strong enough to be a fulltime 4, and isn't a post player, plus that's Amar'es spot so this shouldn't even be an issue at all.

Chandler is really a wing player who can't consistently hit shots from the wings.
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