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Default Re: Landry Fields to Start for Knicks....

Originally Posted by franchize
Chandler played the 4 all throughout college.That being said,he's not a power forward.I hate to keep beating on this drum but what's holding us back is the fact that we keep holding on to Gallo's *******.So much to where we won't even dare move him to the 2.I don't get why Gallo can't play the 2 and Chandler play the 3.Gallo is a way better shooter and Chandler is way stronger and @ the 3 will be a way better rebounder.The ONLY argument one could make is that Gallo can't guard 2s but #1 theres no rule saying because you play the 2 on offense you have to on defense and #2 It isnt like Gallo is going to be shutting down anybody anyway. Look,the one thing positive that came from Randolph not playing up to his potential is that you dont have 3 guys who should be playing the wing and starting.Just as much as ppl wanna throw Chandler on the bench and say he can be a great 6th man,so can Randolph until he proves he deserves to be a permanent starter.I think Gallo and Chandler have done so thu far and it's unfair that either of them ride the pine when they are the only team who's suffered through most of the nicks woes.This would be my lineup


Randolph as 6th man

I agree. Wilson is better than any wingman on the active roster right now besides possibly Gallinari. I like Gallo at the 2 and Wilson at the 3 but to switch positions on D.
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