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Default Re: the fantastic 4!

Originally Posted by AMISTILLILL
Yeah, getting defensive about what he can or can't do definitely has nothing to do with you being a Knicks fan or anything. Nevermind stuff like this, obviously. Going 10 for 30 and freezing out your star teammate in the process isn't about being a 'bad playmaker' or 'poor facilitator'... it's about taking ill advised shots. Christ, even JR Smith passes.

I love how this whole dumb debate started with me actually paying your team a compliment.

Don't you understand. We keep coming back to the PG issue. Why was he in that situation? Because the Knicks had no PG, and Melo had to be the PG. It's just not what he does. Melo isn't that type of player. Melo is not Larry Bird, he is Alex English/Bernard King.

Now that the Knicks have a PG, for some reason you seem to think that Melo will hurt the team even though he hasn't had trouble playing off PGs before in his career? Unbelievable. I love how people like to point the blame at Melo for this season when the 2nd best player on the team has become a 6'11 jumpshooter without a PG.

With Lin, not only will Amar'e flourish, but so will Melo.

I understand Melo's criticisms. He's not as good defensively as some want him to be, and he isn't the best playmaker. But this latest one, that he won't be able to play alongside Lin and Amar'e? That is actually unwarranted.
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