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Default Re: '99 much credit do you give Robinsonfor that run?

Originally Posted by jstern
You can fix the title yourself. Just go to edit and then advanced.

I waited too long before noticing, so it locked up. I think you have to edit within 5 minutes (the text above my post is corrected, but the title still has the typo).

Originally Posted by Whoah10115
Robinson was still an elite player. He was the best defender on that team until 2001 (I shouldn't have said he was the best back in 2003, that wasn't right).

He could have been better than he was, but he consciously took a step back. He was still the better player the year before (despite MVP voting, which I can't begin to understand). Robinson was still great. They have no chance of getting far without David Robinson.

Great points, the bolded portion is why I started this thread. I'm looking forward to that discussion.
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