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Default Re: '99 much credit do you give Robinsonfor that run?

In terms of impact, I think Robinson was still a borderline top 10 player that year. Still one of the top 5 defensive players in the game, good rebounder and a solid offensive player. Wasn't the explosive athlete he was before the injury, but he was still one of the more mobile 7 footers in the league. Would give you solid scoring in a variety of ways within the flow of the offense whether it was hitting a couple of jumpers, the occasional drive, a few post ups, or put backs/easy baskets around the rim. His passing also helped the team quite a bit, he'd find cutters, and he worked very well in both roles in high/low plays with Duncan. He also defended Shaq most of the WCSF and did an excellent job which was a big reason why the Spurs won so decisively. Led them in scoring during the WCF vs Portland, and his size(along with Duncan's of course) was what overwhelmed the Knicks.
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