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Default Re: '99 much credit do you give Robinsonfor that run?

Originally Posted by ThaRegul8r
Duncan should've been '99 MVP, not Malone. (Malone didn't deserve either one of his MVPs. The first should've gone to Duncan and the second should've gone to Jordan. It was a career achievement award, as they knew he wouldn't win anything else.)

Combined with Malone campaigning for the award. And even that wouldn't have done any good had Jordan's Bulls not set a new record with 72 wins the previous season. That's something I hate about MVP voting. They often factor in what happened in a previous season. If that '96 season never happens, Jordan leading his Bulls to a record-tying 69 wins(5 more than Malone's Jazz) while widely being regarded as the game's best player would have made him a lock for MVP.
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